Friday, July 8, 2011

Prince William Sound

    We went on a cruise of Prince William sound and saw lots of glaciers and wildlife. Here's a Sea Lion Bull sunning on the rocks.

      On the way to Prince William Sound, you go through the mountain with a tunnel that is also used by a train. The cars going either way and the train all take turns going through it.

The tunnel to Whittier was built during WW2 to reach a hidden military base. 

This was a snow plow train, used to clear snow off the train tracks. We passed it on the way to the Sound.
Glad I brought a hat. Brrr.

       Prince William Sound is full of glaciers spilling their snow out into the water. 

     They looked even more mammoth and impressive in real life.

A lady sea lion on an ice flow. The ice comes down from the glacier.

The big glacier. The little brown dots are sea lions and sea otters, who were hanging together in the ice water around the glacier because killer whales don't like the ice.

This was an amazing trip, but so is what we did next. A trip to Denali National Park, in a plane! I'll share that trip tomorrow.

The ice is actually blue.

A bald eagle sitting in it's nest. 

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