Saturday, July 9, 2011

Denali National Park

 We took a 2 hour plane ride to Denali National Park. The flight itself was a fabulous adventure with our pilot taking us around the peak of Mt. Mckinley over the mountain range to the park. Mt. McKinley is called Denali by the Native Indians.

Louise had the jump seat on the way there.

We had to climb above the cloud cover to see the mountain peaks. They look like they were in a sea of clouds, or like that dessert, floating island. 

Here is the peak of Denali. You can only see the peak 50 percent of the time from the park because of the clouds, but with out flight, were were guaranteed a view.

Here we are on the National Park bus, an old school bus, looking for wildlife.
     We looked for wildlife from the bus. We were on it from 9 until 5 stopping for little breaks along the way. We saw lots of wildlife. Here was my first spot. We'd been instructed on how to stop the bus if you saw wildlife. I shouted out "Stop! Caribou at 3 o clock!" That was fun, because I made one of the first spots of the day. Caribou is the same as a reindeer.

We saw two grizzly bears, but I only got a photo of one.

This grizzly bear still has on it's long winter coat.

We saw a moose, running along the mountainside. 

We saw a young male caribou by the side of the road.

Little boy Caribou.

We also saw a ground squirrel, much cuter than a Chicago squirrel.

Louise got a shot of me with a ground squirrel. Isn't it cute?

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