Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Day in Alaska

       Alaska is still quite a wilderness, for sure. On the way from the airport, we saw a moose, and I got a photo from the car window. My friend Louise had seen her only twice before, so this was a treat. Isn't she sweet?
       I was even greeted by this big fellow at the airport, although you don't see him as far south as I am in Alaska.

Polar bears can be found further north.

                    The next day Louise and I drove to the Forest Fair at Girdwood.

I'm standing in front of Turnagain Arm, which is called that because Captain Cook had to keep turning around his boat to get out.

      After a drive with non-stop lovely views, we wandered among the trees along with lots of hippyish folk.

A band dressed in medieval costume played the open air stage.

The kids with nutty colored hair are watching a guy make glass jewelry with a torch.

We shared a quesadilla.
 The next day we were off to see Prince William Sound. I'll post those amazing photos tomorrow!

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