Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rest Stop in the Graveyard

     On my way back from the Ladies Who Bike and Brunch get together, I stopped on the way home at Wunder's German Lutheran cemetery and Jewish Graceland cemetery. Founded in the 1850's, both are some of the oldest cemetery's in Chicago.
     Most of the time when I happen to be passing Wunder's it's closed, but I suppose they had to open it up to shovel out the snow, as the front chain link gate was open. There seemed to be only one man shoveling and he ignored me as I pushed my heavy dutch bike through the snow and up the snow covered drive.
     I admired the old monuments, their writing worn off over the years, covered in pristine snow.

     It was so quiet inside, the only sounds of the city were the soft swish swish of cars going by on Irving Park road, muffled by the snow. It was almost like being in a cemetery somewhere in the English countryside. I may even have heard birds tweeting. There wasn't a single person in the cemetery except myself, since the lone shoveler mentioned earlier was outside the cemetery shoveling the sidewalk. It was just me and lots of undisturbed snow.

     It was a relaxing stop over (dare I say restfull?) on my journey home and hopefully in the springtime I might be able to catch it when it is open and enjoy a spring or summer day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Kelly said...

Pretty snowfilled photos.
When my son was three, he loved all things Halloween and we would seriously take him to graveyards because he was fascinated with them.
I do like looking at old ones to see the tombstones and who was born when and any details it shared.

J.Tuttle said...

I find graveyards fascinating, too. If you ever have the chance to visit the Protestant cemetary in Rome, Italy, it is one of the best for stories, with Keats and Shelly buried there, and on top of that, it's a cat sanctuary!

Daniel said...

I love the visual contrast between the colorful decorated bicycle basket and the monochrome winter cemetery scene in the background.

Beautiful photography, once again!


J.Tuttle said...

Thank you, Daniel!

Dottie said...

I would be interested in visiting the cemetery with my camera, but too easily creeped out to go by myself. So if you're ever up for an odd outing, let me know. :)

J.Tuttle said...

hey Dottie- Happy to go with you when the weather turns nicer!