Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring Tease at the Winter Farmer's Market

The lovely Juliet, shopping bags full of goodies.
      This past saturday morning my friend Juliet and I went to the winter farmer's market, which is in the lobby of the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum during the winter months. It was a fun and exciting visit, with all sorts of unexpected treats and a welcome bit of green.

     The market is held every two weeks during the winter months before it moves back outside in the spring. It was a lovely antidote for the winter blues, with many of the items I've come to adore still available.

Portabella yummm!

Popcorn on the cobb.

     The best honey I'd ever had was there. That alone made it worth the trip, since this winter we've had quite a few colds and I'd already used up my summer honey stock in a sea of tea.


      I loaded up the Oma with all my groceries, and headed home, walking with Juliet through the park.
Poor Oma is covered in salt.
     It was so sunny and bright inside the museum, I could imagine it was spring.  On the snowy way home, a snowman in the park even had a cheery sparkle in it's eye.

Even if I can't make spring come any earlier, now I know where to go to get a taste of it.

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