Friday, December 10, 2010

A Raleigh Called Daisy

     Most days I run errands on my Omafeits Workcycle, but I actually own two bicycles. In the garage, hanging up, and waiting for that special occasion, is Daisy.
     Many years ago I inherited this vintage 1959 Raleigh Sports bicycle from my mother. My father gave it to her when they got engaged. I don't know why I call it Daisy. Maybe because it's black with a white stripe on the rear fender, the coloring of a cow. Somehow it took on the name Daisy, that being a quintessential cow name.

Can you believe dad still had the receipt? Notice that he bought it from a Bike and Buggy Shop.

     I've been riding it since the mid-1980's and it is without doubt my favorite bicycle. It may not be as comfortable as my Oma, but it has more sentimental value. Daisy was my mode of transport throughout college and she came with me when I relocated to that steamy jungle town of New Orleans. She's served me well.

      Recently I took Daisy on a Bike Adventure to Ragdale. It was an enjoyable ride despite the thundershowers, but it made me aware that is time for some upgrades.
      So, while visiting my parents for thanksgiving, we cannibalized a vintage 1964 Raleigh that my parents happened to have in the basement, taking off it's generator light and double kick-stand. (My parents have loads of good stuff in the basement.)

                            The generator light only casts a dim light so I probably won't end up using it. Too bad, because it's cool looking.

Looks like Modern Art

     Isn't Daisy lovely with the double kick-stand? Now she won't fall over as she was prone to do.

     I'm researching switching out the steel wheels for a set of aluminum wheels, mostly for safety's sake. In the rain, Daisy becomes virtually brakeless. It's a project for the spring, but I am looking forward to pulling her out of hibernation when the winter is over. I never thought of myself as a multiple bike woman, but I guess now I am. Anyone else have more than one bike and if so, what are your reasons?


Glocal Girl said...

What a sweet story of Daisy's origin :) The double kick stand does look great! I only have one bike but am thinking in investing in another... a stronger one that can withstand the wind and snow of Northern Europe!


J.Tuttle said...

Glocal Girl, My other bike is made in Amsterdam and it's an excellent sturdy bike. It's called a Workcycles Omafeits and the shop where they are made is called Workcycles. It's in Amsterdam so you could easily check it out!

SM said...

Daisy is lovely and and I loved reading about how she has been in your family for years. I own three bikes for all different types of riding. I'm looking to add a 4th and researching the English, Dutch, and other bike manufactures. I would like to add a step through bicycle to my collection :)

SM said...

J, Yes, now I remember making a post about Daisy. I love the dark green... yours is truly a vintage bike and much older than my Harriet.