Friday, December 3, 2010

Doggie Daycare by Bicycle

      Looks like Gypsy’s having a fabulous time, doesn’t it?

     Yesterday I took her to doggie daycare by bicycle. I strapped her into the Burley trailer that’s actually meant to carry packages around. It’s been jerryrigged to be a dog trailer. We’ve outfitted it with a pair of strings with hooks at the end that we attach to Gypsy’s harness so she can’t get out. Not that she wants to. She's having too much fun. The fast pace lends itself to maximum squirrel spotting ability. Squirrels are her prey of choice and she's caught two, which she dropped on command. (Good dog)
       We pedaled our usual low traffic route. I held the camera behind me and videoed while pedaling. It wasn’t easy. Like patting your head while rubbing your belly at the same time. A bit of a challenge. On top of that it was below freezing. That much more of a challenge.
    Knowing that it would be extra cold while moving, I dressed as if I was about to embark on an arctic expedition. An ear wrap under my hat, clear ski goggles (nerdy, yes, but a must to stay comfortable while biking in this cold), a faux fur neck wrap and a lined winter coat.

Iditarod or Daycare?
     My husband saw the photo I’d taken and jokingly said I looked “burly”, a reference to a post from the Let's Go Ride a Bike blog. (You didn’t look burly at all, Dottie!)
      After a mile and a half I was sweating and unzipped my coat. Layers are the way to go. It’s a three mile ride to Dog Daycare. I dropped Gypsy off,  rode over to Kopi Cafe in Andersonville where I hung out until it was time for me to pick her up again in the afternoon. More than a six miles round trip with much of the time dragging a 45 pound dog behind me. Who needs a gym membership? I indulged in an entirely guilt-free lemon drop martini with dinner last night. I’m going to keep biking as long as I can into the winter months. I’m not the only one, though. I saw a lot of bicyclists out yesterday. Anyone else still defying the cold on their bikes? Are you ready to take on the snow?


Daniel said...

Is that a "panda video?" Or would it only be a panda video if Gypsy held the video camera herself?

You'll be ready for the Iditarod with Gypsy in front, pulling you on the bike, through the snow!


Dottie said...

Ha ha. You don't look burley. :)

The video of Gypsy is too cute! Looks like she's in heaven.

I've been impressed with the number of cyclists still out there, too. Seems like more than last year.

J.Tuttle said...

There are more bicyclists out this year for sure. Maybe I'm just more aware of them though because I am out there too?

lucitebox said...

Add me to the growing number of winter bicyclists! I'm doing it for my first year and it's been so "refreshing" even if I sometimes actually DO look "burly!"

Love your rig! Gypsy looks like she's having fun.