Friday, September 4, 2015

Hello Verona

     I left the Monna Lisa with a parting shot in the mirror in the hallway and headed for Stazione Campo di Marte.

There was a motorino/bike jam behind the cab. 
     I was booked on La Frecciargento, which means the silver arrow, but I did capture a passing Frecciarosso as it sailed by.


La Frecciargento (The Silver Arrow). Sounds like a comic book hero, doesn't it? 

La Freccia Rosso. (The Red Arrow)
     I arrived in Verona. It is a lovely city. It reminded me of Venice, with all the white marble pavement, but less stinky and not sinking into the sea.    

     I took a cab to the Instituto Don Bosco and as I suspected, since it was so cheap, the room I am staying at is connected to the Catholic Institution. Not a monastery, exactly, but lots of crosses and pictures of monks lining all the walls, although the room was bare of pictures. I didn't mind, though, because I had my own bathroom and there is air conditioning in the room. It was even made more charming by the random strains of someone practicing opera singing as I walked down the corridor to my room.

Not the Monna Lisa.
Balcony's of Verona.
     After getting settled in my,  I went out to walk around Verona. I walked to the station to buy my return ticket to Florence so I wouldn't have to worry about it on Monday. On the way I met an Italian woman walking with her poodle in a bag on her front. She told me her poodle's name was Lucky. I'll say. That's one lucky dog.
Lucky dog.
Piazza del Erbe.

BMW cruiser like ours back home, parked on the marble pavements of Verona. 
     That evening I finally managed to find some other folks from the Tag Teach Conference, and we went to dinner at a great little restaurant in a medieval loggia in the center. The loggia was once where the wool merchants bought and sold wool. Now it was a restaurant and we had a lovely dinner to the sound of church bells and a violin and accordion player sitting in the tiny piazza. I had pasta with clams and a very good antipasti.
Left to right - Madelaine and Pat from Carolina, Carolyn from Montreal, and Doris from Switzerland. 

Amarone, the local wine of Verona.
    All in all, It was good start to my stay in Verona and I'm looking forward to the conference tomorrow.
Sunset view from my room at Instituto Don Bosco. 

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