Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Florence Fun

Visiting the Bargello Museum
      On my second day in Florence, I chatted with a nice lady named Kim, from Salt Lake City. That morning she and I visited the Bargello Museum together, before she left for her weekend poetry workshop in Tuscany.  She took this picture of me at the Bargello, a beautiful museum of Renaissance sculpture, with 4 Michelangelo sculptures, several by Donatello (early renaissance master) and tons of ceramic tondos by Della Robbia. The Bargello was the renaissance hall of justice and used as a prison and torture chamber centuries ago.

Later that afternoon I climbed a mountain to visit S.Miniato.  See the church reflected in my glasses?
    I went that afternoon to visit S.Miniato al Monte, and hear the gregorian chants. Unfortunately the time was wrong on the website and they weren't going to chant for another hour and a half. I stayed for the Latin mass, but couldn't stomach staying another hour on the hard church bench for the chanting. My but couldn't stand it, really. So I walked back down the hill to Florence.
I came across a sculpture garden on my way down the hill. Lovely whimsical sculptures blended into a public rose garden. Fantastic. 

Taking my own picture in the mirror.
      The next day I decide to go for a wandering walk. It is blistering hot here, although the heat is supposed to break by Wednesday, so I go out early and plan on taking a nap during siesta time. I had hoped to visit the Museum of San Marco, but it is closed for renovations until some unknown date. Hey! Now I know I'm in Italy. I love that Museum. I'll just have to come back another time.
       On my walk, I discover a lady who does embroidery while you wait and I have some things embroidered. I've never seen this in America - another proof that I'm in Italy.

Embroidery while you wait.
Graffitti with bikes. Cool. 

      As I walked by an open courtyard, I spotted a church hidden away. It used to be a convent, but now it is a school. I went into the church and there was a lovely chapel painted by Perugino (an early renaissance artist). Yet another hidden gem stumbled across in Florence.

Renaissance painted ceiling of random obscure church.

Lunchtime for the locals.Tripe on the street.

After my walk, I had to stop in a Farmacia to get plasters for the blister I got. I'm walking a lot, which is great, because I've also had a straciatella gelato every day I've been here so far. With whipped cream. :)

Tiziana with Pina Colada.
      I took my nap and then it was time to meet Tiziana in Piazza Becharia. We did a little shopping, and caught up with each others lives over a drink that comes with a free buffet in the Piazza. Another great day in Florence!

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