Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playing with Pasta

      When it comes to having company over, the best is to have them come over and cook for you. Less work for me. This past sunday, our friends Carmina and Rebecca came over and we had them make pasta for us. Actually, we all made pasta together. It was great fun.

Mysterious Carmina and Rebecca play with pasta.
        It's easy to make pasta. All you need is a semolina flour volcano filled with olive oil,

           Or you could just pretend that it's a giraffe drinking at the oasis, as we did. Yeah, more playing with food!

   Once it's mixed up into a dough (adding warm water), run it through a pasta machine, like this one...

You can find one like this at any italian marketon Cicero ave.

     Cook the pasta...

                                                       Put sauce on it and eat it.

                                                          It's that simple!

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