Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Austin Kite Festival

     One of the highlights of our trip to Austin was catching the Austin Kite Festival. We just happened to see a sign for it in the park as we rode our bikes around and thought it would be worth seeing. Was it ever! We were told that it is the largest kite festival in America.  Everybody in Austin was out there flying a kite.

 It was great to be out with everyone, their kids, dogs, and kites on such a warm, sunny afternoon.

A man and his horse kite.
 I'm so glad we stumbled onto this wonderful festival. In Chicago, our kite festival will be on May 7th, at Montrose Harbor from 10-3 pm. Ya gotta love the kites.


Dottie said...


I want to go to the Chicago kite festival! Maybe we can make a little field trip out of it. :)

J.Tuttle said...

Dottie - Unfortunately Dan and I will be out of town, but I bet Ms.Ding would love to take little Ding.