Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ladies Who Bike and Brunch

Ladies Who Bike and Brunch

       This past sunday I met up with a group of ladies for brunch. The ladies came on all kinds of bikes and the commonality is that we all connected through a locally based blog that I follow called Let’s Go Ride A Bike. Two things that I love to do, biking and brunching, what could be better?
       It just so happens that the woman who writes the blog, Dottie, owns a dutch bike like mine. The same as mine, actually. It’s a Workcycles Omafiets (which means grandma in dutch) and I love it. It’s a work horse in bike form.
       After brunch we had our picture taken as a group by Martha, who has a blog called Bike Fancy. She had taken a picture of me for her blog a couple of weeks ago.
Me and my Oma


Dottie said...

Oooh, pretty post and blog. :)

Glocal Girl said...

This is so great! I wish Americans participated in this biking culture more back home. Sounds like a lovely afternoon...

Glocal Girl

J.Tuttle said...

Glocal Girl, it was really fun. I think there are plans to have another. It would be fun to make it into a tradition, even. You could join us the next time you happen to be in Chicago :)