Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Modern Decor at the Cafe des Architects.
     My husband took me out on the town for my birthday, kicking off the evening with a trip to the restaurant in a towncar. We went to the Cafe des Architects, at the Sofitel in Chicago. My gift was a new point and shoot camera, the Canon PowerShot S95. I used it to take the pictures below and it is fabulous. It was a great evening and everything was just right.

My husband had a Towncar pick us up.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi - the best dish of the evening.

The Happy Couple - (that would be me and my wonderful husband.)

Fine wine.

Filet Mignon for the husband.

Walleye Pike in a lobster broth for myself.

     We ended the evening with an array of great truffles. Happy Birthday to me!


Trisha said...

Happy birthday! Mine's April 27. A nice dinner out is the perfect gift for a Taurus. :)

Sue said...

J, Happy Birthday :). Mine is the 29th.