Monday, January 17, 2011

Party at Dutch Bike Chicago

The yellow cargo bike is particularly cool
     This past Saturday my husband and I rode our matching dutch bikes to Dutch Bike Chicago on Armitage. They had set up a little mid winter gathering for Dutch Bike folks, so that dutch bike riders could hang out and get to know one another.When we arrived we were greeted by the cheery sight of dutch and other european city bikes parked outside the shop. There was even a couple of Bakfeits cargo bikes mixed in.

Dottie of LGRAB next to a Fat Frank tire
      Inside the warm and toasty shop, there were snacks and wine and lots of good company. Dutch bike riders are a nice bunch. Obviously the folks who turned up to this party in freezing january temperatures on bikes were also winter riders, which is a sturdy breed all of it's own. Dottie of the Let's Do Ride a Bike blog, one of the first dutch bike riders we'd ever met, was there.  There were also lots of new people to meet.

Dean chatting with Maria of PoCampo, who was showing some of her lovely bike bag prototypes
    We met Dean and his wife Martha, who both ride city bikes. (Martha was recently featured on the blog Bike Fancy with her Oma Workcycles). Dean rides a Batavus. Another city bike couple, Yay!
     Steven of Steven can plan was also there, hanging out on a Bakfeits that was doubling as a beer cooler, and saying hello to visiting dogs.

     It was a fun get together and I'm looking forward to more such gatherings in the future. Does anyone else find that getting out in the winter helps them get through it better?
Having these excursions is helping me get through my annual mid winter blues and I have to thank my trusty dutch bike for getting me out and about.


Ms.Ding said...

Oh man! I am soo bummed that we could not make it to the party! We really wanted to see and meet everyone! Great photos - sounds like you had a really nice time!

Ash said...

Hey Janet, that lil' yellow bucket bike is mine. But, don't tell my kid I said that, she thinks it's hers.

JC said...

Hi Janet,

It was very nice to meet you at the Dutch Bike Co. winter party. Nice post on the event!


Kelly said...

That's awesome that someone organizes you bikers together for some needed fun in the winter! Looks like a fun event.

J.Tuttle said...

Ms.Ding-We missed you!I'm sure there will be another one, though.

Ash- Oh,too cool! now I know who rides the cool yellow bucket bike!

JC- It was nice to meet you too. Thanks for the nice comment about the post.

Kelly-It was really fun. The winter needs all the fun it can get, right?

SM said...

Great post! I just saw Dottie's post too! I agree, biking in the winter does help with winter the blues.