Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gypsy the Gardening Dog

          Hello everybody. After an extended absence due to sickness, I am feeling much better and have decided to start blogging again.
          My mother suggested that since I haven’t been taking classes and have no drawings to post, I should post some of my older artwork.
          I think I shall but I’ll start by posting a photograph that I took of my dog Gypsy. She is currently sleeping at my feet as all idyllic dog images tell us they do, but I have the audio addition of her snoring like a pig.
          We found out this week as I planted my garden on the back porch that Gypsy is a gardening dog. She loves the smell of gardening and sticks her wide nose into anything dirt related that I happen to be working on. Then she plops down on any dirt pile she can find and naps. She’s a great dog.


Tabitha said...

She sure is a great dog. Give her ears a scratch for me. :)

Glad to see you posting again!

Gregory Turk said...

Helloooo Tuttle! How's the book coming?

J.Tuttle said...

Marcus Tuttle is done and out with an agent right now. Just waiting to hear back. I've started work on my second book, and it's going really well.